BUNKER JOBS: Oilmar Seeks Bunker Cargo Trader in Dubai

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday April 29, 2024

Shipping and marine fuels firm Oilmar Shipping and Chartering is seeking to hire a bunker cargo trader in Dubai.

The company is looking for candidates with at least three years of trading experience, with core experience in fuel oil and gasoil, it said in a job advertisement on LinkedIn on Saturday.

The advertisement lists the following responsibilities for the role:

  • Market Development: Explore and develop trading opportunities in the Middle East. Build and expand relationships with suppliers and refineries to secure supply and enhance trading capabilities.
  • Trade Management: Generate and manage physical barge-size trades to support bunker operations. Manage floating/formula-driven pricing strategies for cargo purchases and collaborate with the derivatives desk to hedge fuel positions. Conduct daily physical sales, providing pricing to the team and market based on order size variations.
  • Operational Oversight: Monitor the entire supply chain and trade cycle, ensuring smooth operations from loading to delivery and payment. Assist operations as needed and ensure all trades are executed in accordance with contract terms.
  • Financial Management: Manage accounts receivable and ensure timely payments for trades. Record and follow up on all trade-related activities and financial transactions.
  • Market Analysis: Generate daily market summaries and briefs on trades for management and the trading team. Evaluate market trends and communicate insights across the company and with other Supply & Trading offices.
  • Compliance and Documentation: Ensure all trading activities adhere to internal Risk Management guidelines and authority delegations. Maintain thorough documentation of enquiries and deals in the company's database and ERP system.

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