UAE Tightens Rules on HSFO Bunker Supply

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday November 18, 2022

The UAE authorities have tightened their rules around HSFO supply to ships in their waters.

Ships taking on HSFO in the UAE will from now on be required to submit a copy of the International Air Pollution Prevention (IAPP) certificate for their scrubber, the country's Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure said in a circular published on Friday.

The certificate demonstrates that the ship actually has a working scrubber, and the new requirement to provide the document may reflect a concern that some ships currently bunkering HSFO in the UAE do not have the emissions-cleaning systems installed.

Under the previous system suppliers were only required to take the word of the receiving vessel that the HSFO was to be used in a MARPOL-compliant way, a local source told Ship & Bunker.

HSFO took up 21.6% of total bunker sales at the UAE hub of Fujairah last month, up from 17.4% a year earlier.