Antwerp Seeks Feedback From Potential Users on New LNG Bunkering Facility

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday September 23, 2014

The Antwerp Port Authority Friday launched a consultation by questionnaire as it plans to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering facility for barges.

The questionnaire is part of the port authority's procedure for defining the specifications of the envisaged facility and seeks feedback from potential users on logistical aspects of the new facility including which fuels, besides LNG, should be offered.

"In the technical specifications for the facility the Port Authority wishes to take maximum account of the preferences of potential customers/operators of the installation," reads the press release email.

The new 400 cubic metre facility is expected to be ready by the start of 2016, initially featuring one bunkering point, with annual usage fees likely to total €350,000-500,000 ($450,000-640,000).

The plans are part of the pilot stage of the EU and Switzerland-funded LNG Masterplan initiative which aims to install LNG infrastructure along the Rhine-Main-Danube inland waterways network.

"The pilot deployments will cover parts of an entire LNG supply chain with investments into two LNG terminals and bunkering stations envisioned in Port of Antwerp (Belgium) and Ruse (Bulgaria)," says the LNG Masterplan website.

In tandem, the port authority will be choosing a candidate to build the new facility from a list of respondents to a call for applications in July of this year.

Finland last week announced it was putting public funds into LNG terminal infrastructure at a national level.