Plea for More Ammonia-related Emissions Data

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday April 15, 2024

A call for greater transparency from engine manufacturers on emissions of nitrous oxide and ammonia produced by ammonia-powered engines has come from two non-governmental organisations.

Ammonia is gaining ground in the shipping industry as a possible alternative fuel to oil-derived bunker fuel. However, according to an open letter signed by Nabu and the Environmental Defense Fund, there is not enough available data on emissions from compatible engines.

"Complete and transparent information on emissions from ammonia-powered engines is critical to accounting for the full lifecycle emissions of ammonia – from its production to its end-use – and understanding its true climate impacts as a shipping fuel," an EDF senior analyst said.

"Without this data, assessing the potential environmental implications of the fuel's use will be largely based on assumptions which can limit the reliability of results," Natacha Stamatiou added.

What the environmentalists would like to see is clear evidence of nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions rates in grams per kilowatt hour or as a percentage of fuel consumption for a wide range of load points – from 5% to 90%.

Such additional information could help get the investment "to scale alternative fuels and technologies for a just and equitable transition toward net zero", the environmentalists' letter said.