EVENT INFO: Barcelona Bunker Fuel Conference

by S&P Global Commodity Insights
Wednesday September 21, 2022


The S&P Global Commodity Insights Barcelona Bunker Fuel Conference, taking place on December 1-2 2022 in Barcelona, Spain, will explore the outlook for the European bunker market by reviewing bunker fuel supply and demand, pricing trends, shipping markets, the supply chain, alternative fuels and future regulatory milestones.

By attending you will hear expert insights about:

  • Current market conditions in Europe against a backdrop of high uncertainly in the bunker market.
  • Bunker market trends and pricing in a 0.50% Sulfur world as new regulations emerge
  • The outlook for the supply chain by reviewing the shipping market and providing the latest developments in European bunker buying and supplying
  • Which future fuels have potential in the bunker market specifically LNG and biofuels such as Ammonia and Methanol, hydrogen
  • A look ahead to the next wave of regulatory milestones, possible geopolitical scenarios & considering their impact on the European bunker market

For more information please visit: https://plattsinfo.spglobal.com/Barcelona-Bunker-Fuel-2022.html

Agenda highlights include:

Keynote: Bunker Market in uncertain times

  • Reviewing the critical role of the marine fuels industry within the global economy
  • Views on the impact of recent events on the bunker market
  • HSFO availability (likely challenging on regional ports ) how scrubber fitted vessels ROI slowed and financial challenge for the vessel owners who are switching to VLSFO
  • The state of the market post COVID-19

Peter Zachariassen, CEO, Bunker One

Panel discussion - Leaders discuss key headlines shaping the bunker market’s agenda

  • Russia/Ukraine impact
  • Outlook for VLSFO and overall demand
  • New fuels for the industry (ammonia, methanol, hydrogen & LNG)
  • Credit challenges
  • Contamination of fuels
  • Chris Chatterton, COO, Methanol Institute

    Regulation outlook for the bunker market

    • Keeping abreast What’s next from the IMO – 2030 and IMO 2050 regulation
    • Looking at possible achievable outcomes and enforcement. How to ensure compliance with these regulations
    • The new carbon intensity indicator (CII) set for January 2023. What is it? What could be the impact? How will it be implemented and how might it tighten as a regulation between January and 2030
    • New regulation on biofuels

    Unni Einemo, Director, The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA)

    Future risk & looking ahead; what is the next crisis for the bunker market?

    • Global uncertainly is greater now than for many years
    • Risks under the radar
    • New pandemics and supply chains
    • Further lock downs in China and impacts

    Rob McLeod, Head of Risk Solutions, Hartree

    Shipowners Panel – what is the path to net zero carbon in the bunker industry over the next 20 years?

    • Shipowners discuss bunker licensing, Mass Flow Meters and new ECA’s in Europe
    • Challenges of reducing GHG emissions on shipping
    • Drive towards large zero -carbon cargo ships
    • Bridging or Transition Fuels: LNG and Methanol
    • Discussing Ammonia and Hydrogen

    Kenneth Dam, Global Head of Bunkering, TFG Marine
    Michael McNamara, VP, Global Fuel Sourcing, Carnival
    Sveta Ukkonen, Head of Marine Fuels & Services, Neste
    Rustin Edwards, Head of Fuel Oil Procurement, Euronav
    Jan Christensen, Senior Director Global Fuel Purchasing, Hapag-Lloyd

    For more information please visit: https://plattsinfo.spglobal.com/Barcelona-Bunker-Fuel-2022.html