Greek Shipowners Call for EU Alternative Fuels Research Body

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday October 22, 2021

Industry body the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) has backed calls for the European Union to set up a research body looking into alternative bunker fuels.

The UGS backs recent comments from Greece's government calling for the establishment of an EU Research Centre for Alternative Marine Fuels and Technologies, the organisation said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

"The UGS wishing to contribute with its specialised know-how and its hands-on shipping experience to the current environmental debate has compiled relevant technical information," the UGS said in the statement.

"This information illustrates that the introduction and market uptake of new, economically viable and safe low and zero emission fuels and propulsion technologies available worldwide are essential for shipping's energy transition and that these are mainly the responsibility and area of expertise of out of sector stakeholders in the maritime field."

Singapore's authorities set up their own similar organisation, the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation, earlier this year.