Tricks of the Bunker Trade: Understanding the Fuel Temperature & Volume Relationship

by Kaivan H. Chinoy, Petro Inspect / The Bunker Detectives
Thursday July 18, 2013

The barge will often try to under-declare the temperature during the opening gauge and over- declare during the closing.

This malpractice is quite common in day-to-day bunkering and therefore we always ask the ship officers responsible for bunkering operations to be extra vigilant and check the temperatures of all bunker tanks during the opening gauge and thereafter periodically check and record the temperature of the fuel as it is pumped onboard.

The temperatures should be checked both at the barge and the ship's manifold.

If temperature gauges are provided it would be prudent to take photographs where permissible.

This malpractice could be illustrated by the following example:

Within a large fleet the loss could run into millions of dollars a year!

Key Notes:

  • Always check and record the temperatures of the fuel tanks before and after and periodically during the bunkering operation
  • Carry own infra-red laser temperature gun as a part of your equipment
  • Remember whenever in doubt or have concerns always issue a letter of protest