LR Bunker Tips: Safety First – Personal Protective Equipment

by Chris Bieda, FOBAS Service Delivery, Lloyd’s Register GMT
Thursday February 1, 2018

One key point to remember as a surveyor is that although others may be looking out for your safety, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety and well-being whilst carrying out your duties.

The best and most effective way to protect yourself is to try ensure you have a safe method of work, however when this is difficult or not possible, it is imperative that the correct PPE is used to reduce the risk to your safety and your health.

As an industry, we should expect and require all surveyors should wear the following as a minimum level of protection:

  • Anti-Static clothing (boiler suit)
  • Safety boots that cover the ankle
  • Light eye protection or googles
  • Suitable gloves
  • Helmet
  • Personal Gas Monitor
  • Ear Protection if working in an engine or plant room

PPE should always be well fitting and in good condition. It should also only be used for the purpose intended. If a task requires more specialist PPE equipment, you must ensure you are competent and confident enough in its use.

PPE should always be seen as the last form of protection and should be worn in all circumstances. We would also encourage surveyors to challenge any non-conformance with PPE guidelines if witnessed in the field.