CORRECTION: Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2019 Week 27

Thursday July 11, 2019

As a credit manager, the last thing you want to discover when chasing an invoice is the vessel you bunkered 4 weeks ago has just been sold for scrap. And today, the risk of that happening is greater than its ever been. 

To help keep on top of the most recent changes in the world fleet, every week thanks to online maritime intelligence and information service, we tell you which vessels have been sold for demolition in the last week.

Demolition Sales  July 4 – July 10, 2019

Sale Date         Sold Name             Vessel Type             Built Date           Seller
2019-07-09 Xin Bin Jiang HANDY CONTAINER 1992-11-20 Fujian Changda Shipping
2019-07-09 Eastern View PANAMAX BC (Geared) 1995-04-11 Marine Master
2019-07-10 AS Aries HANDY CONTAINER 2001-01-01 Ahrenkiel Steamship
2019-07-05 Sir Robert Bond ROPAX FERRY 1975-10-24 Canada Government

Correction: Please note this report was updated on July 12, 2019. A previous version of this report incorrectly included the following vessels: Trustn Trader I, Falcon Trader, Kmarin Aqua, Ridgebury Eagle, Kavo Manali, Hammonia Korsika, Louise Bulker, Emma Bulker, Evelyn Schulte, Seaheritage, and VOS Shine. Readers needing further clarification of this update can contact: