Singapore: National Standards for Handling Ammonia, Methanol Being Developed

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday April 22, 2024

Standards for the safe handling of alternative bunker fuels methanol and ammonia in Singapore are being developed by the port authority and Enterprise Singapore, through the Singapore Standards Council, the Martime and Port Authority of Singapore has said .

The standards aim to ensure the safe operations and handling of these fuels and are to include "custody transfer requirements, operational and safety requirements for the delivery of methanol and ammonia from a bunker tanker to receiving vessels, as well as crew training and competencies", according to the MPA.

"The standards will accelerate the maritime industry's green transition, and drive innovation and investments into new green fuel-related maritime services such as legal contracting, financing and risk management," it added.

Sinaporean minister of state Amy Khor has aid that she expects national standards on the supply of methanol as bunker fuel in Singapore to be published next year.

Separately, engine maker MAN Energy has raised the issue of consistency as standards for the alternative bunker fuel ammonia are developed.