IMO2020: Know Your Risk, says Fuel Systems Firm

Monday March 4, 2019

A Finnish company that makes fuel supply systems has advised ship operators to look at the risk posed by the changeover to low sulfur bunker fuels.on their ships' fuel systems.

Turku-based Auramarine has highlighted the need to "fully understand the operational impact of using and switching to new low sulphur fuels and distillate products" in the new, low sulfur, multi-fuel era.

Many main and auxiliary engines of vessels were not designed to run on IMO2020-complant fuels, the company said.

"Maintaining the correct fuel viscosity and temperature at the engine inlet is crucial.

"The fuel supply system needs to be able to deliver the fuel at the engine inlet as specified by the engine maker in order to guarantee efficient combustion."

In the run up to IMO2020, one of the concerns commonly expressed by ship operators has been the impact of new fuels on engine performance with a worst-case scenario of engine failure and damage.

In response, the company has announced a Get ready for 2020 service which includes "expert consultancy, comprehensive guidance and ongoing in-service support for the safe and efficient supply of fuel".

Auramarine's own product in this area is the trademarked FuelSafe.