Scanlines Adds Rotor Sail to Ferry

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 17, 2022

Baltic sea ferry operator Scandlines has added a rotor sail to a second ferry, the company has said.

Three years ago, the company put the energy-saving technology on its Copenhagen ferry. A second vessel, Berlin, has also been adapted with the technology.

According to the company, adding the marine technology to the ship saw carbon dioxide emissions fall on average by 4%.

However, at times of strong wind, a 20% reduction is possible, the company said.

Rotor Sail comprise a 30m high rotating cylinder to create a differential in airflow. That in turn results in a pressure difference and a lift force perpendicular to the wind flow direction. 

This lift force lets the ship to use less fuel. Rotor sails are made by Finland's Norsepower.