Terntank Sets Bar High on Next Generation Tankers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday March 27, 2023

Swedish ship operator Terntank, which ordered two hybrid tankers last month, has said the first vessel will be delivered in March next year.

This ships are equipped to run on methanol as bunker fuel. In addition, the ships will "be prepared for foldable sails for wind-assisted propulsion", according to the company.

The vessels will have dual-fuel engines that will run on green methanol, a low-carbon fuel made from either biomass or renewable electricty and captured carbon dioxide, the company added.

"Environment is important for us," said Terntank's owner, Tryggve Möller.  "We want to leave it to future generations and set the bar high for next generation tankers.

Finland's North European OIl Trade will charter one of the ships. The chartering agreement was overseen by the Finnish energy service firm, Wega