CMA CGM Bio-LNG Bunkering Was a 'One-Off': Total

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday November 24, 2020

The use of biomethane in Total's first bunkering of the CMA CGM Jacques Saadé at Rotterdam earlier this month was a 'one-off' rather than a regular part of the long-term supply contract for the container line, the French energy supplier told Ship & Bunker last week.

Last week Total announced about 13% of the 17,300 m3 of LNG it supplied to the giant new gas-powered boxship was biomethane.

"This biomethane delivery is a one-off, delivered as a spot contract, but a world premiere on this scale and a promising one," a spokesman for Total told Ship & Bunker by email.

"We will consider biomethane for future deliveries, as per future customers' requests."

The biomethane was sourced at the Groen Gas Haarlemmermeer facility in the Netherlands, the spokesman said.

The use of bio- and synthetic LNG either on their own or blended with conventional natural gas could be one way of reducing the carbon footprint of LNG as a bunker fuel. LNG delivers lower carbon emissions than oil-based bunker fuels, but the saving from fossil gas is not enough by itself to be in line with the International Maritime Organization's decarbonization plans for shipping.