Cruise Ship Warrants Green Attention

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday August 8, 2019

Measurements of cruise ship emissions in Reykjavik, Iceland have revealed high levels of pollution.

In a similar quayside test to those undertaken by Nature and Biodiversity Union in Mediterranean ports, researcher Kare Press-Kristensen found high levels of particulate matter where a cruise ship recently docked at Sundahofn harbour in the Icelandic capital compared to what is considered a normal level for the city. 

Measurements made in the same location in two years' ago gave comparable results, according to a report by Iceland Monitor.

Press-Kristensen, who is with the Danish Ecological Council, favours shoreside power for cruise ships and stricter pollution controls on shipping's fuel use.

The French port of Cannes has instigated a 0.1% sulfur cap on cruise ships while Marseilles is investing in shoreside power.

Press-Kristensen also works with High Seas Alliance which supports a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil by shipping in the Arctic region.