LR Bunker Tips: Safety First – Moving Between Vessel and Barge

by Chris Bieda, FOBAS Service Delivery, Lloyd’s Register GMT
Thursday January 11, 2018

Being a surveyor is one of those jobs that regardless of how many safety systems and equipment are in place, you are still at high risk of injury whilst carrying out your duties. Surveyor's always need to be aware of not only their personal safety, but also the safety of those around them.

One of the biggest risks to a surveyor is the transfer between the barge and the vessel and vice versa. This has to be done in all weather conditions and in all sea states and involves stepping beyond the safety of the rail over the water to the other side.

Depending on the vessel freeboard, surveyor's face climbing rope pilot ladders up to 10+ meters high in clothing that is suitable for surveying work, but not suitable for climbing (boiler suits, steel capped boots etc.) this also has to be done at all times of the day or night.

Here at FOBAS we have one rule… Safety First. The health and well-being of our employees and contractors is paramount and we will never expect them to place themselves in danger.

We will always endeavour to complete our surveys from both sides of the transfer, however if we are unable, we will always inform you and will always complete the report within the constraints of the safety issue identified.

As a vessel or barge operator, we ask all parties to consider the safe transfer of surveyor's between the vessel and Barge and make all efforts to ensure it is as safe as possible.