February, 2017
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In January, the canal set a new monthly tonnage record of 36.1 million PC/UMS with the transit of 1,260 ships.
January Sees Panama Canal Break Monthly Tonnage Record Set in December
U.S. president Donald Trump is cited as the instigator of a potentially rocky market ahead.
Tumbling 2018 Oil Prices Part of a Good News/Bad News Forecast From Bank of America Merrill Lynch
"There are three main points we disagree with as a matter of law," Bruce G. Paulsen tells Ship & Bunker.
Latest OW Bunker Dispute Case Was Wrongly Decided: ING Lawyer
The unexpected build in U.S. inventories is said to be the main trigger for Thursday's losses.
Crude Falls Again Amid Suggestions That OPEC Cutback Deal Isn't Enough to Revive Market
Dan-Bunkering said it would continue to be "business as usual" for the physical supply partnership.
Liquidation of Colombia Player Petrocosta Ordered, but Operations Under Bunker Partnership With Dan-Bunkering to Continue
With 2020 approaching, Eagle LNG says the Project is well positioned to support the fuelling needs of the maritime industry.
Eagle LNG Submits Formal U.S. Application for LNG Facility
January, 2017
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An estimated 2,000 gallons is reported to have spilled, with approximately 1,800 gallons said to have been recovered from the river.
U.S. Fuel Oil Spill Linked to Pipe Leak at New Haven Harbor Facility
"Anyone seeking to do justice in this situation would distribute the fund in precisely this way," Judge Hinkle says of his "common sense" decision.
Another Twist in OW Bunker Cases as Judge Orders Physical Supplier Be Paid, Says ING Would Otherwise Be Getting A "Windfall"
Everything from poor domestic economics to rising production from renegade nations is blamed for the dismal forecast.
Crude Slips as Analysts Warn of Oil Likely Heading Further Downward in 2017
A new report suggests the province could produce alternative fuel from wood chips and tree bark for use as fuel in ships, among other uses.
Nova Scotia Holds "Strong Potential" for Biofuel Production, Says Canadian Provincial Government