November, 2017
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Eastport Marine is noted as the sole license holder for LNG bunkering and ship-to-ship services at Brunei Bay, Labuan.
Petronas LNG Seals Cooperation with Argo and Eastport Marine on LNG STS Services
Allegations focus on using false invoicing to defraud customers
Singapore Bunkering Firm Lands in Court on Fraud Charges
On seasonal factors
Bonded Bunker Sales in Japan Rise 8% Month-On-Month
"Whether more terminals will jump on this bandwagon in allowing more tankers to bunker at terminals, only time will tell," Sean Warr, Bunker procurement, BW Group, tells Ship & Bunker.
Singapore's New Concurrent Bunkering Service Saving Tankers Time and Money: BW Group
The 2,000 tonne ship, which is a zero-emission vessel in itself, is set to transport coal for the generation of electric power.
Vessel Hailed as World's First Battery-Powered, Fully Electric Cargo Ship Launched in China
CPC's bunker barge is in maintenance.
Stem Limits in Place at Taiwan's Port Suao
CPC says it is unable to receive any new fuel oil orders at Keelung Port with a delivery date on or before November 18.
CPC Advises of Tight Fuel Oil Avails at Keelung Port
October also saw the lowest sales volume of 500 cSt material since February 2016.
Singapore Sees Fewer Calls for Bunkers in October, but Overall Volume Remains Flat at 4 Million mt
There are currently 55 licenced bunker suppliers in Singapore.
New Physical Bunker Supplier in Singapore
There is much potential for the physical supplier in a "very fragmented and unregulated" Malaysian bunker market, Director Richard Ho tells Ship & Bunker.
New Malaysian Player Commences First Bunker Operation, Eyes Worldwide Expansion