September, 2019
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LNG bunkers expected to make up 7% of the overall marine fuel market by 2030.
LNG Bunkering in Malaysia from January 1, 2020
After a volatile month for bunker prices, average stem size also sinks to its lowest since February 2016.
Singapore Bunker Sales Slip to 3½ Year Low
Vessels to be auctioned off at end of month.
Brightoil Bunker Fleet: Three More for Sale
Vessel registered to Singapore-based interests.
Chemical Tanker Arrest in Singapore
In derivatives contract settlement.
Singapore: Futures Exchange to use Argus 0.5% Prices
Stocks of HSFO fall, stocks of LSFO rise.
Singapore: Rise in Floating Storage on Anticipated IMO2020 Grade Fuel Demand
The country has been losing out to Singapore, says Transport Minister.
Malaysia to Cut Red Tape to Boost its Bunker Business
Move towards IMO compliant fuel could put dent in expected rise in distillate demand.
Japanese Refiner Stockbuilding IMO2020 Fuel
India casts further doubt on its obligations to implement the 0.50% global sulfur cap.
Another Annex VI Signatory Suggests It Won't Fully Enforce IMO2020
Accountant Deloitte & Touche appointed as judicial manager for company.
Singapore: Court-led Restructuring for Bunker Firm