September, 2014
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Becker says Hamburg is the first European port to provide this option.
Becker Marine Systems Launches LNG Hybrid Barge Cold Ironing System
The EIA has lowered its forecasts for oil prices for the remainder of 2014 and 2015.
Brent Closes Below $100/bbl As EIA Lowers 2014, 2015 Oil Price Forecast
Alexia S3 is designed for use with low-sulfur fuels in two-stroke engines.
Shell Introduces New Lube for 2015 ECA Use
In this week's spotlight we review the shortlisted finalists who will vie for contention across six award categories.
Fathom Spotlight: The Industry's Finest Shortlisted for Fathom's Ship Efficiency Awards 2014
TALUSIA LS 25 is designed for use with 0.10% sulfer distillate fuels, which are set for widespread use in ECAs next year.
Total Lubmarine Launches New Lube for 2015 ECA Rules
But LNG bunker adoption not moving quickly thanks to "challenging economic conditions."
New LNG Bunkering Station on Yangtze
The vessels, to be chartered by Containerships OY, will meet IMO Tier III rules without scrubbers.
LNG Engines for Feeder Containerships
Port Galeota will support demand related to Venezuela and Guyana energy industries.
T&T Port Called "Energy Hub" for Region
CIMAC suggests alternate language to clarify acceptability of scrubbers, other issues.
Review Finds "Inherent Problem" in IMO BDN Declaration
If the ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine is able to hold and sanctions can be lifted oil will continue to decline.
Brent Trades Below $100 for the First Time Since June 2013