August, 2016
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But Nigeria's oil minister still thinks the September talks could be productive.
Nigeria Doubts OPEC Will Cut Production, As Report Predicts Militants Will Keep the Country's Output Low In 2017 Anyway
Hope for an OPEC freeze deal has caused both benchmarks to rise over 20 percent from the lows of early August.
Oil Market Now In Bull Territory, Based Precariously On Sentiment: Analysts
Have you sold bunkers to a recently scrapped vessel? Check here with's demolition sales from August 11 – August 18, 2016.
Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2016 Week 32
VOS in Singapore says it has chosen Micanti Antifouling to boost bunker savings of its AHTS vessel, VOS Triton.
Vroon Singapore Looks to Micanti Antifouling to Reduce Fuel Consumption
Aulong won the contract to build the high speed and fuel efficient aluminium ferry for Blue Sea Jet.
Aulong to Build Bunker Saving Ferry for Chinese Operator
Doorae Shipping has been fined $275,000, and given a three year term of probation for failing to maintain an accurate oil record book.
Doorae Shipping Fined in U.S. for Pollution Crimes, Second Time Since April
The system was developed for CNB PRO and its client, and its client NAVE VA.
New Dual Fuel System on the "Leading Edge" of Hybrid Tech
Meanwhile, critics point to Nigeria as a prime example of a nation that won't be interested in any proposed cuts.
Former OPEC Head Says "Conditions are Set" for Oil Freeze, As Saudis Signal They're Heading For Record Output
Anything higher will trigger incremental supply in the U.S., they say.
Analysts, Including Pimco, Believe The Magic Oil Price For Rebalance is $50
Bunker prices continue to increase worldwide.
Crude Up for a Fifth Day