February, 2019
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Cosmo oil to first meet domestic demand, say sources.
IMO2020: 0.50%S Supply in Japan from October
But ICS warns PPR6 decision should not be treated as a "free pass".
IMO2020: Bunker Quality Concerns Valid Reason for a FONAR
For 3-year terms.
Cosulich, Benavides Elected to Join IBIA Board
Saudi Aramco chief laments that stakeholders are turning their backs on oil.
Crude Prices Recover Amid "Worrying" Sentiment That Oil Market Will End in Five Years
Has now supplied around 2,500 m3 of LNG bunkers to 13 different ships.
Repsol Announces LNG Bunkering Milestones for Spain
Price reporting agency says some suppliers have already adopted its 0.5% assessments.
Argus Media: Singapore 0.5% Price Benchmark Suits Multi-fuel Market
Continuing threats are no way to keep the industry in check, says PISR CEO.
IMO2020 Compliance: Ship Owners Need Support, Not Just Simple Warnings, says PISR
Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs predicts continued volatility for 2019.
Trump Tweet Slamming Opec Sends Crude Prices Plummeting
Those owners who have fitted EGCS have invested in compliance, says EGCSA Director, Don Gregory.
EGCSA Welcomes PPR6 Outcome on Scrubbers
MS Roald Amundsen is currently undergoing final outfitting.
First Hybrid Powered Cruise Ship Completes Sea Trial