January, 2020
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Are shipowners overreacting, or suppliers shirking obligation?
FEATURE: The Growing Problem of IMO 2020 VLSFO Bunkers With Marginally Off-Spec Sulfur
Even U.S. shale is credited for keeping the market balanced during the Libyan outage.
Positive Analytical Sentiment For Ample Global Crude Supply Supports Prices
Value Maritime claims its scrubbers come with an installation time of as little as seven days.
Dutch Shipowner Orders Quick Install, Pre-Fabricated Scrubber Model
The ships will have 7,600 m3 of storage capacity.
Probunkers Set to Order Two LNG Bunker Barges
Pakistan's government has advised shipowners with scrubbers either to switch to compliant fuels or to operate them in closed-loop mode when visiting the port.
Port of Karachi Joins Open-Loop Scrubber Ban Club
The company has committed to operating the terminal until at least 2028.
Elengy to Develop LNG Bunkering Facilities at Fos Tonkin Terminal
The two ships are for delivery in 2025 and 2027.
MSC Cruises Orders Two New LNG-Fuelled Ships
However, the majority view is prices may be range-bound for 2020.
Oil Up on Libyan Force Majeure, Analysts Disagree on Its Potential Market Impact
The sudden absence of 1 million b/d of sweet crude in the Mediterranean would have a sharp knock-on effect on VLSFO prices in the region.
Libyan Crude Blockade May Raise Mediterranean VLSFO Prices
The authorities have been delivering letters to vessels since the start of last year to make them aware of the new rules.
Expect Zero Tolerance for IMO 2020 Non-Compliance: Paris and Tokyo MOUs