July, 2020
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OPEC members cut their production by 1.93 million bl/day from the previous month to 22.69 million bl/day in June.
OPEC Oil Output Dropped to Least Since Gulf War in June
Moored ships not helping local air quality, letter to local paper says.
UK Coastal Residents Complain of Cruise Pollution
The company is seeking to expand its Norwegian operations.
Glander International Bunkering Appoints New Managing Director in Norway
Selfinvest reported a record pre-tax profit of 1 billion Danish krone ($151 million) in the year to April 30.
Bunker Holding's Parent Company Expects Decline in Profits This Year
The shipment is the latest evidence of shipping companies' customers showing interest in pushing forward the decarbonisation of seaborne freight.
Volkswagen's First LNG-Fuelled Transatlantic Car Shipment to Arrive in Mexico
June, 2020
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The bunker market should not expect to see new ISO specifications before 2022, according to VPS.
Testing Lab Sees Large Percentage of Bunker Market Still Using 2005 ISO Specifications
The Rotterdam HSFO barge discount to Brent crude prices has narrowed to an average of $6.17/bl in June.
HSFO Discount to Crude Narrows to Lowest Level of 2020
Ammonia is being proposed as one of the alternative fuels that can help to deliver the International Maritime Organization's plan to halve shipping's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
Wärtsilä to Carry Out First Full-Scale Engine Test of Ammonia Bunkers
Two trucks used to refuel ships working cargo.
Faster Bunkering at Gasum's Stockholm Gas Station
The sails will be able to reduce the ship's fuel consumption by up to 25%.
Norsepower to Supply Rotor Sails to Ro-Ro Cargo Vessel