June, 2017
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The station is said to be intended to facilitate the bunkering of LNG-powered inland waterways vessels that sail on the Rhine.
PitPoint.LNG Set to Build First LNG Bunkering Station in Germany
Statoil today announced that it has awarded contracts for seven supply vessels at a total of NOK 3.1 billion.
Statoil Requires Battery Power Retrofits of Newly Contracted Vessels
Meanwhile, the rise of Saudi and other crude exports put pressure on prices.
Data Indicates Oil Market May Have Bottomed Out - But There Is No Indication of an Upswing Either
Still, few experts predict an outright recovery anytime soon.
Stockpile Data Dampens Crude Gains, But CEO Predicts Saudis Will Move Prices Upward
The port says the document was developed in response to LNG becoming an "increasingly popular marine fuel."
Port of Helsinki Publishes Safety Manual for LNG Bunkering
70% of respondents in a separate poll say Fujairah should be worried about other regional ports looking to compete for bunker business,
Many Players Expecting Noncompliance With 2020 Regs, Poll Suggests
How Hellenic shipyards can be "LNG ready" was one of several discussion points at a Poseidon Med II event Monday organised by Piraeus Port Authority.
LNG Bunkers Will Create "Fertile Ground" for Greek Shipbuilding
The cartel is in dire need of late-life care, says one observer.
More Doubt Cast on Deeper Oil Cutbacks as Analysts, Investors Loose Faith in "Fragile" OPEC
Meanwhile, Iran teases the idea of deeper cuts to rebalance the market.
Weekly Crude Losses Skirt a 10-Month Low Thanks to Overly-Sensitive Traders: Analyst
"Ian brings an exceptional combination of in-depth Marine industry technical and testing knowledge," says VPS Director Steve Bee.
VPS Appoints Account Manager for UK, France & Belgium