April, 2021
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Danish firm's technology to be tested for a year.
Test Run for Methanol Fuel Cell Aimed at Auxiliary Engines
Yara Marine and Bar Tech join forces to sell technology to wider shipping industry.
Yara Marine, BAR Technologies to Sell WindWings Tech
Intra-company collaboration vital to to meet IMO's 2050 target on carbonisation.
Maersk, LR Join Forces on Ammonia Fuel Guidelines
Will provide training to 187 soldiers to help bolster efforts to combat rising piracy in the region
Italian Navy Joins Ghana Anti-Piracy Effort in Gulf of Guinea
The company has installed and calibrated one of the meters on its barge the MTS Sydney, chartered from UniBarge, at Rotterdam.
TFG Marine Completes First Mass Flow Meter Installation at Rotterdam
NIMASA arranged a two-day meeting from Wednesday in Lagos to discuss the issue.
Nigerian Authorities Hold Meeting With Refiners to Discuss VLSFO Availability
Conventional fossil LNG is unlikely to be compatible with the shipping industry's longer-term plans to eliminate carbon emissions.
Titan Sees Synthetic LNG Available by 2024
Reduced domestic refining capacity prompts higher local demand.
Engen Tenders to Boost VLSFO Supplies
Gibraltar does not release official figures for bunker sales volumes there, but its total is estimated to have been flat on the year in 2020 at about 4 million mt.
Gibraltar Bunker Calls at Three-Month High
Using biofuel and carbon offsetting.
Car Transporter Makes Carbon Free Voyage