July, 2019
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Licences given to Total, Exxon.
Greece Signals oil Exploration off Crete
June, 2019
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October conference to host session on alternative fuels.
IMO Puts Alternative Fuels on Agenda
Project Odyssey to spread environmental message through practical demonstration.
Plastic Fantastic: French Project Turns Waste Into Fuel
Fuels meet ISO 8217 table specs but vessels have reported various problems.
FOBAS Alert: Contaminated Fuels from St Petersburg, Russia
Coralius performs its first ship-to-ship LNG bunker delivery in Rotterdam.
Gasum Gets Going on ARA LNG Bunkering
Move in line with company policy to equip half of its fleet to meet IMO2020 regulation.
Torm Installs Scrubber
Given the cost of non-compliance, and move towards greener banking, alternative fuels cannot be discounted, says Methanol Institute chief operating officer Chris Chatterton.
Alt Marine Fuels Could be Part of way Forward for Shipping
Shell now has three LNG bunker vessels in its fleet.
Shell Commences ARA Inland LNG Bunkering Ops
Expects further growth for its marine business in the coming months.
Greenergy Expands UK Bunker Ops
We can say that the compliant fuel will be available, what we can't say is, at what price, says OCM's Trevor Matthews.
IMO2020 Grade Fuel Values: "Clearer From Mid-September", says Bunker Industry Executive